Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) may be a word less than its previous name, Healthcare Information Management Outsourcing Association of the Philippines (HIMOAP) but it now represents more services that our increased membership now provides.

Our industry is now the 3rd largest IT/BPM segment in the Philippines after the Contact Centers and Information Technology services. Our members have expanded their service offerings covering more complex and higher value work for healthcare providers, payors, and pharmaceutical companies.

As the world becomes digitized, Health IT, Telemedicine and Population Health become high priority areas for countries requiring healthcare transformation. These provide us the opportunity to further increase our market share and an impetus for us to further grow and enrich our capabilities.

Welcome to our wonderful world . . . where the best of voice, non-voice and IT intersects to provide you the Healthcare Information Management services like no other . . .

We look forward to your continuous interest, support and participation as we drive our country to become a global leader in healthcare information management services.

Ma. Cristina (BENG) G. Coronel